Book Review

A Series of Unfortunate Events – Books 4 to 6

In continuing with my review of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, here’s the next three! Fair warning, spoilers ahead!

The Miserasoue-4-5-6able Mill

This one definitely takes some accepting of the strange and highly unlikely, which I was sure was going to happen. I absolutely cannot fathom why the children were sent to the Lucky Smells Lumbermill; where did Mr Poe find the place? Did he ask the owner if he happened to want to look after some children for a while? Was it on the list of approved carers the Baudelaire parents put in their will? It makes no sense whatsoever, and I can’t seem to let it go.

I didn’t particularly enjoy this one, I have to say. Paying employees in coupons, a man you can’t see through his own cigar smoke, forcing children to work at a mill, Sunny having a swordfight!? With her teeth?? I do know that most of the books are outlandish and unlikely, but this one I just can’t wrap my mind around. Hopefully, the next one will be slightly more believable.

The Austere Academy

I definitely preferred this one. Sending the Baudelaires to a boarding school is finally one of Mr Poe’s half decent ideas. The one he sends them to however, not ideal! This book moves back into disappointing misery, rather than outlandish happenings.

I really like the introduction of the Quagmire triplets, it’s great for the orphans to finally have people around them who are on their side. They add a lot more to the story, and bring you back to a plot compared with The Miserable Mill. We are finally introduced to V.F.D. and the fact that there is a mystery surrounding their parents’ deaths. I felt like giving up on the series after book 4, but this one made me care about the story again.

The Ersatz Elevat

The stories are finally getting back into being intriguing. I found The Ersatz Elevator much more suspenseful, and more mysterious. It felt a bit more thought through, there were reasons behind the weird and unlikely. I could forgive the Squalors being obsessed with what was ‘In’, because by the end you realise that it was Olaf’s way of manipulating his plan. I could forgive Sunny climbing a wall with her teeth, because by that point I just wanted them to find a way out.

Like the previous book, this one had more plot and gave hints about back story and future mysteries, which allowed for the unlikely parts. It gave a much better combination of both! I’m definitely persuaded to carry on with the series now…I need to know what happens!


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